GAIT ICTL, The Best Training Center for Skill based learning in INDIA

Company Profile

GAIT ICTL is a registered society for education and trainings. GAIT ICTL is also ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.

GAIT ICTL is a full service skill development training organization specializing in hands-on learning. Growing for more than 12 years, GAIT ICTL is the largest training center in Rajasthan.

GAIT ICTL Training and Skill development offers a comprehensive range of training programs for the youths to improve their employability skills. GAIT ICTL has partnered with Central government, various State governments, government bodies, NGOs, Corporates, Schools and Colleges on training and skill development initiatives.

Our training programs are customized as per the industry requirements. We cater to a broad range of industry segment which includes IT, Organized Retail, Hospitality, Facility Management, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Telecom, dairy & farming, Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance and other sectors . GAIT ICTL has trained more than 50000 youths in the past Twelve years on various skill development initiatives .

GAIT ICTL aims to bring a sensation in the education society. Our basic to advanced computer training curriculums are designed for those new to the computer as well as for those who wish to improve there existing computer skills and to acquire skills for employment or specialized tasks.

At GAIT ICTL, each student learns using their own state of the art. Our well experienced/certified trainers “lead” the students through the classes without the use of in class manuals. We use the manual as a post training tool, not as a training substitute!

Our trainers will also learn your own in-house software and develop a course to train your employees. If you have a training need, we can fulfill it! All of our students receive post-training telephone support at no charge . . . forever. In addition to training, GAIT ICTL provides small system development services.