GAIT ICTL, The Best Training Center for Skill based learning in INDIA


Q.1 Who is a training partner?
Ans.It is typically a Company/Institution/ Organization or NGO which intends to work with CSC SPV to provide training to candidates under the NDLM/DISHA Scheme. A training partner has multiple training centres under it.

Q.2 What are the responsibilities of a training partner?
Ans. A Training partner has the responsibility of managing all the centres registered under it.

Q.3 What are the training fees under NDLM/DISHA for training center under GAIT ICTL Education Society?
Ans. If the candidate passes the exam, a training centre will get 350 INR per candidate for SC/ST students. For the General / OBC candidates, the centres will get 250 INR per candidate. The payment will be made through Aadhaar based system. Payment will be made only for candidates who pass the examination.

Q.4  How is the assessment done?
Ans. The assessment will be done by NIELIT through an online exam that will have multiple choice questions.

Q.5 What is the benefit to the candidate?
Ans. After clearing the online assessment, candidates will be certified by NIELIT.

Q.6 What is the duration of the training program?
Ans. The duration of the training program for Level 1 is 20 hours and for Level 2 is 40 hours

Q.7 How do I activate my account?
Ans. The instructions to activate your account will be sent to your E-mail once you have    submitted the accreditation form and other relevant documents. If you do not receive an E-mail, kindly check that your E-mail service provider’s mailing software is not blocking it.

Q.8 How do I contact the candidates for NDLM/DISHA?
Ans. You can contact candidates within your block through promotional activities. Please ensure that the candidates are between 14-60 years of age.

Q.9 What would be the tenure of the accreditation of training partner?
Ans. The training partner will be accredited for a period of one year under NDLM/DISHA project and its accreditation will be renewed after accessing the work done during that period.

Q.10 Is there a limit to the number of states wherein an accredited training partner may work under NDLM/DISHA?
Ans. An Accredited training partner may work in multiple states provided they apply for accreditation separately for each state and get the necessary approval by CSC-SPV.

Q.11 What is an NDLM/DISHA accredited Training Centre?
Ans. A training centre is an institute where a student can get registered study and give assessment.

Q.12 How can a training centre be accredited?
Ans. Training centre can be accredited by sending the duly filled-in form mentioned on NDLM/DISHA website and obtaining due approval by the CSC-SPV.

Q.13 Who should a training partner/centre contact if it comes across any challenges during the implementation of the project?
Ans. Any Training partner/centre can contact NDLM/DISHA helpline number 011-49754975.

Q.14  What are the responsibilities of a training centre?
Ans. Training centre registered under NDLM/DISHA Project has the following responsibilities:
•    Imparting the appropriate training course to beneficiaries eligible under the project, including providing course materials
•    Registering the beneficiaries, marking the attendance, and conducting the continuous assessment using the OMA-cum-LMS
•   Keeping a record of all beneficiaries that enroll in the course, certifying their attendance and ensuring that the beneficiary appears for the examination.

Q.15 Who shall appoint a Training Centre?
Ans.  The Training Partners shall appoint the Training Centers in the District/Block/Panchayat/Village

Q.16 What is the eligibility criterion for training centre?
Ans.  A training centre must be part of a registered organization in India with proven training and facilitation credentials in the domain of education/ IT literacy.

Q.17 Who approves a Training Centre?
Ans. Partner registers a training centre and login credentials are created, a training centre is approved by the CSC-SPV after scrutiny. After the CSC-SPV approves the training centre, then only a training centre shall be able to login to the NDLM/DISHA portal.