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NDLM in Jaipur

NDLM in jaipur

GAIT ICTL Education Society is a National training partner for Govt of India’s The National Digital Literacy Mission. Our mission is to provide digital literacy to every Indian. GAIT ICTL is already working for IT awareness programme in jaipur and all over India. Now as a step ahead we have started the NDLM as well as PMKVY in jaipur as pilot project.

GAIT ICTL Education Society is authorized Training Partner of NDLM

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GAIT ICTL Education Society authorized Training Centers of NDLM

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The Training Partners shall appoint the Training Centers in the selected Gram Panchayat with the minimum human, technical and infrastructural requirement. They are obliged to meet the following criteria:

• A training centre must be part of a registered organization in India with proven training and facilitation credentials in the domain of education/ IT literacy

• After all the documentation is completed by Training Partner, a Screening Committee constituted by NDLM PMU will visit the Training Centre and on receipt of satisfactory report of the Screening Committee, accreditation will be granted.

Role of Training Centres The training centres are responsible for the following: Conducting of household survey and digitization of data

• Selecting the beneficiaries eligible under the project and enrolling them for the course
• Imparting the appropriate training course to beneficiaries eligible under the project, including providing course materials
• Registering the beneficiaries, marking the attendance, and conducting the continuous assessment using the OMA-cum-LMS
• Keeping a record of all beneficiaries that enroll in the course, certifying their attendance and ensuring that the beneficiary appears for the examination.